Member Photo Appreciation – Plenty of Learning

Photography – Any Day

YPS Members yet again demonstrated that Photography, the interest that keeps them ticking, brushes aside all other hurdles. It looked like the Member Photo Appreciation program – sharing and learning from members’ pictures – will have no or thin participation due to Karnataka Bandh and the inclement weather that shadowed the evening on July 30th, Saturday.But it turned out to be a great day with more than 30 participants coming forward to see and discuss pictures from YPS Members. It was a day of great learning for every one. After tea, pictures brought by members were projected for view by everyone and a small senior panel consisting of Satish, K S Srinivas and Murali Santhanam suggested ways to improve the picture. The air was positive and there were active discussions.

Pictures of the following members were projected and discussed:

  • Prema Kakade – Macro, Table top and Abstract
  • Anita Mysore – Travel, Landscapes
  • Shreya N Y – Nature
  • Arun Poovaiah – Candids
  • Rakesh V C –
  • Manjunath B – Travel, Macro, Abstracts

Active discussions went on till 9:30PM after which we had to stop due to paucity of time. Most of the pictures were excellent and showed the wide genres of expertise that exists with the YPS Members. Here are some of the key points that emerged as improvements:

  • Remove Horizon Tilt
  • Follow one-third rule when including horizon and sky
  • Try to balance elements by including a main subject and a secondary subject
  • Making sure that everything on the frame relate to each other for holistic outcomes
  • Avoid placing subjects too close to the edge of the frame
  • Pay attention to bright objects on the screen as they attract attention and place them in the Golden Grid
  • Avoid including part of a subject in the frame
  • Wait for the situation to develop to make interesting pictures
  • Try different points of view when shooting a subject
  • Use post processing to reduce the impact from disturbing elements and to enhance the main elements
  • Use cropping as a creative tool to improve composition

YPS Website is a Platform for Sharing

Sharing never stops. Hence YPS Website also provides opportunity for continuous sharing and discussing on pictures through YPS Photo Share facility on the YPS Website. Anyone can view the images and discussions. But only members with a login to the website can comment. If you are a YPS Member and have not received a Login ID to website create a Request for Login.

YPS Photo Gallery

YPS Hall also has facility to showcase limited number of Member Prints. Bring 2-4 prints for sharing. Size should not be more than 12×18 inches. The picture should not be mounted or framed.