Shooting photos for journals is a different ball game

YPS Meet | Mar 18 | State Youth Centre

Continuing on the series of featuring women photographers, our senior member, Ms. Susheela Nair, a famous travel writer and photographer, showed a vast collection of her travel images. She covered a lot of places in India and abroad that she had shot for leading magazines and publications. A widely travelled person, Ms. Susheela Nair, showed some of her pictures taken during foreign trips and her explanation of each places was very interesting, especially the stories on haunted castle. She has contributed her pictures to many magazines and travel books. Herself, she is a good writer and has written many articles for coffee table books and travel books.

The presentation was very interesting and she was able to demonstrate the difference between Travel Photography and Travel Journalism. Some of the key messages are:

  • Pictures taken should have better story value than just demonstrate photography skills.
  • Plan and cover all the spots in the place that contribute to make a story on the place.
  • Get acquainted with locals and learn about the place better.
  • The time available is mostly limited and so, plan the shoot for best outcome.

YPS thanks Ms. Susheela Nair for a wonderful presentation.