Shri. TNA Perumal’s memories are permanently etched in our minds

Tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal | Lingering Memories

We woke up with a Sunset on the morning of February 8th, 2017 when Shri Perumal passed away leaving a yawning gap. Talented, Knowledgeable, Simple, Approachable and Helpful, Shri. Perumal was loved by everyone without an exception. Losing such a great mentor was a great loss for YPS members and photographers all over India.

Paying Tributes to Shri. Perumal

On the same day, the YPS published a News item “A Great Loss for Photographers” on the website carrying pictures, media reports and Tributes from photographers.

During the same week, the YPS Executive Committee met and decided to launch a Photo Contest in memory of Shri. TNA Perumal followed by an Exhibition of Perumal’s Pictures and award-winning images from the Contest by the end of April.

A Meeting or paying Tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal was held prior to the YPS Meet on February 18th at the State Youth Centre. The meet was attended by Shri. Perumal’s son Shri. TA Jayakumar and Shri. Perumal’s close associate Shri. Nicky Cruze. Many senior photographers also participated and recalled memories of Shri. Perumal.

Tribute to TNA Perumal Contest

Close on the heels of the tribute meeting, YPS launched the website for Tribute to TNA Perumal Contest on February 23rd. The contest was open for posting of images under “Birds”, “Butterflies”, “Monochrome” and “Wildlife” sections. We received ready consent from 12 of the leading photographers to be part of the jury to select the best images under each section.

Birds Butterflies Monochrome Wildlife
A K Raju, AFIAP A G Gangadhar, FRPS, AFIAP Manoj C Sindagi, ARPS MN Jayakumar, FRPS, MFIAP
Vijay Cavale V Nagaraj KS Srinivas, AFIAP Diinesh Kumble
Prasanna Venkatesh Gubbi, ARPS, EFIAP TA Jayakumar, AFIAP Anand Sharan HV Praveen Kumar, ARPS, MFIAP

The contest closed on April 20th for upload of images. In all 1343 pictures were uploaded by 141 participants.

An Open Judging was held on April 22nd and 34 images were selected for awards and certificates of merit. It was interesting to note that 14 o the 34 winners were from outside Bengaluru.

Birds Section
1st Yeshwanth Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru Claw Power
2nd Mr. Karthik Ramamurthy, Chennai Bonelli’s Eagle on a Kill
3rd Mr. Nitin Jain, Pune Male Ego – Fight of Two Kestrels
CM Mr. Yallappagouda Patil, Dharwad Serenity of Small World
Mr. Padmanabha K G, Bengaluru Prizy Catch
Mr. Soumik Biswas, Kolkata The Morning Breakfast
Mr. Sathyanarayana C R, EFIAP, ARPS, FICS., HON.FPSG, Bengaluru Indian Roller catching the feed
Mr. Samyak Kaninde, Nanded The Greater Flamingo in Mist
Butterflies Section
1st Mr. Satpal Singh, AIIPC, AICS, Lakshmipur Kheri Landing
2nd Mr. Nitin R, Bengaluru The Red Mudpuddler
3rd Mr. Amar Bhaskar, Bengaluru Glowing (Common Grass Blue)
CM Mr. Rakesh V C, Bengaluru Silverline
Mr. Murali Krishna M, Bengaluru Lemon Yellow Mating
Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy, Bengaluru Mating Pair – Common Four Ring
Mr. Uday Hegde, Bengaluru Red Pierrot
Mr. Kuntala Roychoudhury, Guwahati Standing Alone
Mr. Ramu M, Bengaluru Butterfly
Monochrome Section
1st Mr. Vijay Rawale, Mumbai Sisterly Love
2nd Mr. Digwas Bellemane, Bengaluru Fisherman
3rd Mr. Varadanayaka TP, Bengaluru Bicycle Ride
CM Mr. Prakash Kandakoor, Koppal In Search of Water
Mr. Shankar Subramanian, Bengaluru Life Struggles
Mr. Varadanayaka TP, Bengaluru It’s Rainy
Mrs. Anitha M N, Bengaluru Where is my love ?
Mr. Arjun Haarith, Bengaluru Monk in the Valley
Wildlife Section
1st Mr. Karthik Ramamurthy, Chennai Dhole crossing the river
2nd Mr. Shashidharswamy Hiremath, Kadaramandalagi Scorpion
3rd Mr. Praveen Siddannavar, Bengaluru Leopard Chital Kill
CM Mr. Dheeraj Nanda, Bengaluru Tibetan Wild Ass
Mr. Hari Somashekar, Bengaluru The Leap of Faith
Mr. Pramod Shanbag, ARPS, EFIAP, Bengaluru Dialogue in the Air
Mr. Hisham Ashraf, Kozhikode Leopard
Mr. Samyak Kaninde, Nanded The Surefooted Blue Sheep
Mr. Samyak Kaninde, Nanded Red Fox in Snowy Mountain

Tribute to TNA Perumal Exhibition

The Tribute to TNA Perumal Photo Exhibition was held at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath from April 28th to April 30th. Actions in preparation for the Exhibition started a month ahead when we started identifying around 50 pictures of Shri. TNA Perumal for the Solo Exhibition. The prints were made in Archive Paper and mounted ready to hang on the wall. In parallel work was also in progress to get mementos, certificates and award winning prints ready.

There was no end to the benevolence from various quarters to make the Exhibition a success. YPS extends sincere thanks to all of them.

  • The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd., where Shri. Perumal worked, sponsored the cost of the Exhibition.
  • Shri. M N Jayakumar sponsored his book “Life in the Jungle: Memoirs of a Forester” for the 1st Award winners in each of the 4 categories
  • Shri. Vijaykumar Pattadakkall, Prism Giclee Prints, sponsored processing and printing of selected 50 pictures of Shri. TNA Perumal in 12×18 Archive Paper on Epson Printers or the solo exhibition.

The Inaugural Function

Shri. K N Shantha Kumar, Chief Editor Prajavani, a photographer and a close friend of Shri. TNA Perumal, readily agreed to be the Chief Guest for the event. Shri. MN Jayakumar, Retired Chief PCCF, who has spent many days with Shri. TNA Perumal shooting wildlife, agreed to be the Guest of Honour.

The Inaugural Function was attended by nearly 250 people on a Friday evening just prior to a long weekend. This speaks volumes of the popularity of Shri. TNA Perumal.

The event started with an Invocation Song by Mrs. Manjula Satish after which Shri. Satish, President, YPS Bengaluru welcomed the audience and explained the various events that led to the exhibition and the contributions of Shri. TNA Perumal to YPS and the Photographic community in general. Shri. Satish also announced that the pictures of Shri. Perumal can be owned through a donation to the family.  Many have already come forward with donations to Shri. Perumal’s family as a token of their love for Shri. Perumal.

This was followed by speech by Guest of Honour, Shri. MN Jayakumar. He recalled his close association with Shri. Perumal and spoke about the gentle and encouraging nature of  Shri. TNA Perumal.

Distribution of Awards to the winners of the Tribute to TNA Perumal Photo Contest followed. The honours were done by Shri. Shantha Kumar and Shri. MN Jayakumar. It was heartening to see that winners from other cities like Chennai, Dharwad and Koppal traveled to Bengaluru to receive the awards. After recognizing the winners it was time to thank the judges and present them with a memento.

YPS then presented a memento to The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd. which was received by Mrs. Bhuvaneswari. YPS also thanked M/s. Prism Giclee Prints and presented a memento to Shri. Vijay Kumar Pattadakkall. Mr. Nataraj Perumal, son of Shr. TNA Perumal accepted a memento thanking Shri. Perumal’s Family for all the assistance provided for the exhibition even in the middle of their deep mourning. M/s. Honeycomb Creative Support Pvt. Ltd. presented a sketch of Shri. TNA Perumal to the family.

Mr. Nataraj Perumal and Mrs. Bhuvaneswari spoke about Shri. TNA Perumal and thanked YPS for organizing the event. Mr. KMB Prasad, former Deputy Conservator of Forests also spoke about Shri. Perumal.

Shri. Satish then proposed a vote of thanks and invited everyone to visit the exhibition.

Gallery of Shri. TNA Perumal’s Photos displayed at the Exhibition

Total of 48 pictures were on display at the Solo-Exhibition of Shri. TNA Perumal. They were also on sale against donation to the family of Shri. TNA Perumal.  YPS has also put up the pictures on sale on the website. The pictures will be available for owning till May 15th, 2017. Please check “Own a Picture of TNA Perumal“.

TNA Perumal Exhibition

48 images of Shri. TNA Perumal on display for sale at the Tribute to TNA Perumal Photo Exhibition.

48 - Frog
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Event Photos

TNA Perumal Event

Event Photographs from the Tribute to TNA Perumal Photo Exhibition at Chitrakala Paishath

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