It’s different every time

YPS Meet | MAR 3 | State Youth Centre

We had an excellent turnout at the Landscape Session by Shri. Goutham Ramesh. The participants had a chance to see some excellent images from Goutham taken at Munnar, Valparai and at Kausani, Uttarakand. The slideshow was followed by some interactive discussions on techniques, post-processing and equipment used for Landscape Photography.

Goutham explained how and why he visits Munnar almost every year. He explained how the scene tends to be dynamic in mountain areas like Munnar where the scene changes from minute to minute. Of course the scene tends to be different every year he visited Munnar. To demonstrate this, he had organized his pictures taken at Top Station, Kundala Dam and Azhiyar over years both at Sunrise and Sunset to show how the same places provided different opportunities every time.

He also mentioned that people think only of wide angle lenses when it comes to Landscape photography. He always carries along his Prime 300mm lens that he had used on many occasions to make stunning landscape images.

He also showed some of the Milkyway pictures that he had shot during his recent visit to Munnar even though it was not on his planned list. He explained how to use mobile apps like “Skyview” to identify the location and time of appearance of Milkyway.

He also showed some stunning images of Himalayas taken at Kausani including Sunrise and Sunset images of Trishul and other peaks in the Nanda Devi range.

The discussions following the slideshow also elicited the following topics:

  • Managing depth of field in Landscape Photography
  • Type of Tripod required for Landscape photography
  • Lenses suitable for Landscape pictures
  • Extent of post-processing required for Landscapes
  • Achieving focus on objects during night

On the whole it was a very interesting session and we hope the participants gained enough insight into the subject. We thank all the participants who could attend the session.