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    Smoke Photography Workshop May 2024: May 19th 2024

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    ENIGMATIC SMOKE – Smoke Photography Workshop

    YPS Workshop | May 19, 2024 | State Youth Centre

    Mentor: Mr Girish Mayachari

    Smoke, in simple words, is the result of incomplete combustion of any material. From a photographer’s perspective it is one of the easiest subjects to shoot. Though the easiest, it demands a high level of patience and observational skills. The resulting images combined with post processing techniques gives astonishing results. Multiple types of images can be created using different post processing techniques. These images give you a peek into the mysterious and mesmerizing world of smoke.

    Come join us in this journey of exploration and experimentation with Smoke Photography….

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    Temple Architecture Photography in Lepakshi

    YPS Workshop | Capturing Heritage | February 17th  | Mentored by Goutham Ramesh

    Exclusive permission for photography has been obtained from ASI

    Join us for a unique photography workshop set against the backdrop of the magnificent temples of Lepakshi. This hands-on experience is designed for 15 participants eager to explore the art of temple photography. The workshop is designed for intermediate-level photographers.

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    RAAS – Portrait Photography Workshop | 11 Feb, 2024 | 10AM – 6PM

    In collaboration with Gradient Pixel, Mentored by Mr Nilendu Bannerjee

    The workshop mentored by Mr Nilendu Bannerjee is crafted to immerse participants in the art and techniques of capturing captivating and emotive portraits. The workshop promises a blend of theoretical insights, hands-on practical sessions, and constructive critiques ensuring a holistic and transformative learning experience.

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