What I look for in Landscapes

YPS Meet | Oct 19, Sat | 6:30 PM | Venkatappa Art Gallery

YPS Meet on Saturday, 19 Oct 2019 is a journey with a trekker.
Mr. Krishna Bhat  likes shooting landscapes, culture, people and macros.   He will be showcasing his exhibited images at the International exhibitions.
He captures his images mostly during treks. Himalayas and the Western Ghats are his favourite outdoors.
He says,
“Landscape shows us spaces within our world – sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic.
I capture landscapes mainly during my treks. Being part of a bigger team, I get limited opportunity and I try to utilise it to maximum. I look for distinguishable features/forms and include them in my composition.”

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Documentaries by S Thippeswamy

YPS Meet | Oct 12, Sat | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

Our next YPS Meet is a ‘DAY OF DOCUMENTARIES’.
YPS presents 2 documentaries, CHAYACHITRA KARNATAKA & BELAKINA BETEGARA – C Rajagopal,  by renowned Cinematographer Shri  Siddanna Thippeswamy.
These documentaries were produced by Karnataka Information Department and telecast by Bangalore Doordarshan.

CHAYACHITRA KARNATAKA deals with the various branches of Photography and the position of Karnataka photographers and their achievements. BELAKINA BETEGARA C Rajagopal, depicts his life style and achievements.

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Pictures Brighten Lives…

YPS Meet | Oct 05, Sat | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

VISMAYA‘ which translates to ‘AMAZEMENT’ & ‘AWE’ is exactly what you feel when you see their presentation called –  “Pictures brighten lives…..”
Vismaya group is a closely knit team consisting of 8 photo enthusiasts: Amar Bhaskar, Murali Santhanam, Sisir Kumar, Venugopal Thantry, Vinod Balan, Goutham Ramesh, Harish Rao & Sridhar Thantry.
They share a common vision of using photography to lend a helping hand to the needy.
With their theme “Photography for Cause” they bring  together the dream to nurture  talent and the intent to support social cause.  Their mission is to generate financial contributions to organizations committed to serve human cause.

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Master Your Lenses

YPS Meet | Sept 28, Sat | 6:30 PM | YPS Hall

Every photographer has a bag-full of lenses that stay with them even when the bodies change. Some of them are favourites and stay on the body most of the time while others are rarely used. And all of us also have a longer wishlist of lenses that we want in the bag. This session will focus on how to understand the strengths and weakness of your lenses and how to use them to make the type of pictures one wants. A better understanding of the lens will also help the Photographer to make technically superior pictures. Finally, the session will help you understand how to build your portfolio of lenses suitable for the pictures you make. Continue reading Master Your Lenses