Getting the best out of your DSLR

YPS Workshop | May 20 | Venkatappa Art Gallery

When you hold a modern day Digital SLR, you hold a really sophisticated equipment capable of performing unimaginable photographic tasks. They also come with bulky manuals that are difficult and time consuming to read and understand. As a result, we end up using it the same way we used its predecessors, the film SLR cameras. If you are in a position to understand the DSLR features and associated menu settings, you can get all those shots that you sadly missed in the past. Continue reading Getting the best out of your DSLR

All about Salons

YPS Meet | Apr 21 | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a long list of photographic distinctions like what Mr. Satish, President of YPS has? Certainly, lots of hard work and persistence is required. But that is not enough. A good understanding of how the Salons work, what type of pictures are successful in Salons, how to process them, print them , present them, how to organize pictures, how to keep track of pictures that won in Salons and many other such disciplines are required to be successful in Salons and in acquiring the distinctions. With the YPS International Salon 2018 already on steam, this is going to be a great learning for many.Mr. Satish will answer all your questions on Salons and provide the necessary guidance to succeed in Salons.

Photography Workshop for Talent Enrichment

YPS Workshop | Apr 15 | Sunday | 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM | Venkatappa Art Gallery | For Members & Public

YPS is pleased to announce “Photography Workshop for Talent Enrichment” for photo enthusiasts who want to develop a better understanding of how to take photographs like experienced photographers. The Workshop will be held on April 15th, Sunday at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Kasturba Road, Bangalore. The cost of the workshop is Rs. 1100, which includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

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YPS OPEN HOUSE 03-18 | Candid Photography

YPS Open House | Apr 14 | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Welcome to the next edition of Open House. This Open House will target learning from a popular Candid Photography Specialist and, time permitting, we will collectively learn about using Levels in Photoshop.

YPS Open House, is a free format discussion program aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • To build stronger bonding,
  • To clarify doubts that have remained in the corner of the mind for too long,
  • To provide guidance on matters relevant to photography,
  • To learn and to share

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