YPS Open House

YPS Open House

My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company. – Jane Austen

Conversation is the essence of learning. Collective wisdom of the group is magnitudes larger than the wisdom of individuals in the group. Conversation also networks people and builds relationships. Photographers are no exception to this general behaviour.

  • To build stronger bonding,
  • To clarify doubts that have remained in the corner of the mind for too long,
  • To provide guidance on matters relevant to photography,
  • To learn and to share,

YPS is pleased to announce “YPS Open House“, a free format discussion on any matter related to photography. YPS Open House  is where experts and novices meet as equals to hold meaningful collective conversations that enhances the learning of everyone.

Starting May 27th, YPS Open House will be held every 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month. 

Join us in conversation ! Share your thoughts ! Go back wiser !

Slideshow by Narasimhamurthy

YPS Meet | May 6 | Sat | State Youth Centre

The next YPS Meet will be held at the State Youth Centre on May 6, Saturday at 6:30 PM.

Mr. Narasimhamurthy is a senior photographer. He worked in Police Department and had a chance to photograph many events and personalities to which we may not have access.

He is also a keen collector of cameras. Continue reading Slideshow by Narasimhamurthy

To Lightroom or Not

YPS Meet | Apr 16 | Venkatappa Art Gallery

The questions on the minds of everyone who assembled at Venkatappa Art Gallery on Sunday evening to listen to Arjun were “Should I continue with Photoshop ? Should I switch to Lightroom ? How easy is it to switch to Lightroom ?”. Mr. Arjun Haarith started the presentation by addressing these basic questions. Continue reading To Lightroom or Not

Karnataka Tourism Contest results for Karnataka Landscapes has been published

The April 2017 Karnataka Tourism Photo Contest was held under the theme of “Karnataka Landscapes”. The contest has now concluded and the results have been published. The panel of judges met on May 3rd evening for judging at YPS office at the State Youth Centre along with YPS Executive Committee. YPS’ online salon judging system was used to assign scores and to review and finalize award winning images. Continue reading Karnataka Tourism Contest results for Karnataka Landscapes has been published

Shri. TNA Perumal’s memories are permanently etched in our minds

Tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal | Lingering Memories

We woke up with a Sunset on the morning of February 8th, 2017 when Shri Perumal passed away leaving a yawning gap. Talented, Knowledgeable, Simple, Approachable and Helpful, Shri. Perumal was loved by everyone without an exception. Losing such a great mentor was a great loss for YPS members and photographers all over India. Continue reading Shri. TNA Perumal’s memories are permanently etched in our minds

Own a Picture of Shri. TNA Perumal

YPS Event | Tribute to TNA Perumal Exhibition | Apr 28-30

Youth Photographic Society held an Exhibition, in tribute to Shri. TNA Perumal, for three days at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat from April 28-30. This was a “Solo Exhibition” of coveted pictures of Shri. TNA Perumal in Black & White and in Color. A selected set of 48 pictures were printed in Archive Paper using Epson printer and were on display at the Exhibition. These pictures were also available for owning by photo lovers against a donation to Shri. TNA Perumal’s family.

For those of you who could not make it to the exhibition, here is an extended opportunity to own any of the 48 pictures of Shri. TNA Perumal that were on exhibition against a donation made to Shri. TNA Perumal’s Family. A minimum donation of RS.5000 per picture ordered is required. Donations above this amount are appreciated.

This facility will be open till May 15th, 2017. Continue reading Own a Picture of Shri. TNA Perumal

Tribute to TNA Perumal Photo Exhibition

Youth Photographic Society, is pleased to announce the “Tribute to TNA Perumal Photography Contest & Exhibition” organized to pay tributes to our mentor and YPS Honorary Member Shri. TNA Perumal.

Shri. TNA Perumal is the Doyen of Wildlife Photography and is a winner of many International and National awards and recognitions. YPS will be organizing an Exhibition (details below) displaying pictures of Shri. TNA Perumal along with winning images from this contest. It is a great privilege and honor to be part of the exhibition along with Shri. TNA Perumal.

In addition, we will also be collecting pictures featuring Shri. TNA Perumal and pictures taken by Shri. TNA Perumal in the possession of anyone. These pictures can be uploaded under Tributes Section. There is no need for registration for uploading of pictures under the Tributes Section.

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