My Journey – from Prostate to Portrait

YPS Meet Live | October 25, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

As the tagline denotes, Profession and Passion can be comrades.

Being a medical practitioner needs dedication, perfection, patience, compassion and a drive for continual learning.  These qualities when combined with a passion for photography is a perfect combination to excel in all genres of photography.  Dr Barun K Sinha, a medical practitioner by profession is also a passionate photographer.  Among the fraternity of photographers he is well known for his excellent photography and as the dedicated Hon. Secretary-General of FIP. 

Here are a couple of ‘Quotable Quotes’ from Dr Barun K Sinha –
“It is a wrong notion that practice makes you perfect. It is the perfect practice which makes you perfect. So practice your craft in the correct way.”
“I am never satisfied with my work. I am yet to shoot an image which is equal to 1000 words. Satisfaction is death.” Continue reading My Journey – from Prostate to Portrait


YPS Meet Live | October 18, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Passion for travel and photography is a perfect combination.  Anitha, who is passionate about both is also in a profession which provides her plenty of opportunities of travelling to major cities of the world.  She presents her travel pictures from Paris saying, “Paris is a city of love. Paris is a city of lights. Paris is always a good idea, any day! Come and enjoy a day in Paris through my lens”.

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The YPS Saturday Meet – Trekking and Photography

YPS Saturday Meet | October 17, Sat | 5:30 PM IST | Google Meet

The next in the series of YPS Saturday Meet programs is Trekking and Photography interactive session led by Mr. Krishna Bhat. This session will be different from other Photo Review sessions we had in this series so far. Participants do not have to submit any of their photographs for review. Instead discussions will be held around photographs taken by Mr. Krishna Bhat to reiterate learning on reaching the trek, picking the right point of view, selection of gear and photography techniques

The Key Dates are:

  • Last Date for Registration : Fri, Oct 16, 2020
  • YPS Saturday Meet event : Sat, Oct 17, 2020

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Visual Stories

YPS Meet Live | October 11, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page & YouTube Channel

Everyone likes a good story, and if it’s a visual story, even better!  When each picture speaks a thousand words, it indeed captivates the onlooker……Mr Mansur a visual storyteller captivates imagination with his images from different genres of photography, comprising Landscape, Candid, Stars, and Panorama/Vertorama.

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