Aesthetics in Light and Tones

YPS Meet Live | August 09, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

A Pictorial presentation by Mr. K S Srinivas

Photography is seen differently by every person with a camera! For some it is recording an event as it unfolds, making memories, or simply capturing a beautiful subject. 

Mr. Srinivas on the other hand is an artist par excellence, whose photographs are like paintings and vice versa! Any genre of photography, be it Landscape, Portrait, Wildlife, Nature or Macro are all captured in a Pictorial form! 

This Sunday’s presentation is about aesthetics in lights and tones and is Pictorial all the way!

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Pictorial Photography – A Presentation by Mr. Gurdas Dua

YPS Meet Live | August 02, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Our next YPS Meet is a presentation and Pictorial Workshop by Mr Gurdas Dua

Pictorial Photography helps in capturing a subject in an artistic manner, drawing a viewer’s attention to linger on the image.

Mr. Gurdas Dua, with a wide range of interest in Pictorial, Nature, Wildlife, Travel, Portrait, Architectural, Advertising, Industrial and Fashion will not only showcase his works but will be explaining the nuances of Pictorial Photography.

Let us join him on Sunday, 02 August 2020, to learn the art of Pictorial Photography.

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YPS All India Digital Salon 2020 Exhibition & Award Ceremony

YPS Salon | Award  Ceremony July 26 – 10:30 AM | YPS Facebook Page

You are Cordially Invited


YPS Executive Committee & YPS All India Digital Salon 2020 Committee are pleased to extend a cordial invitation to all

  • YPS Members,
  • Salon participants,
  • Salon Sponsors & Supporters &
  • Photo/Art Lovers

to join us during the YPS All India Digital Salon 2020 Exhibition & Award Ceremony on Sunday, July 26th  Live on YPS Facebook page.

Please join us on this live event with friends and family and make the event a great success.

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YPS Meet Live | July 19, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Our next YPS meet is by Mr. Praveen Mohandas

As the title suggests, this is a presentation with a difference!
Mr. Praveen Mohandas presents “Wildlife in Landscape” bridging between wildlife and landscape images of wilderness and all on Monochrome!
He says “Colour photography to me is very representational if done in the regular way. My nature photography is not about records of my encounters. Many a times it’s an emotional response to the situation I am in. I like to get focused on to the subtitles of nature which otherwise is ignored . Black and white helps me to bring the initial layer of abstraction in the work. Our focus moves more towards form, texture,light etc.. as we start to read these aspects we get emotional with the picture. A similar or different emotion on the field made me make that particular image. Black and white also gives the viewer the freedom to interpret the visual in their own way thus engaging at different levels with the visual..

Let us join him on Sunday, 19 July on an unusual journey into the wilderness.

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Street Stories

YPS Meet Live | July 12, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Our next YPS meet is by Mr Thejas K Rajaram who will turn ‘Story-teller’ for us to ‘see’ street stories unfold from USA.

Thejas loves life on the street. He is often found wandering in unknown streets, talking to strangers and taking street photographs.

Good street photographs fill us with emotions or give us insight.  Good street photographs go beyond light, shapes, and faces.  They use these tools to tell great stories of life.  Sometimes, they ask questions.  Questions that may not have answers.  But questions that open up your perspectives, making the need for an answer moot.  Street photographs are magical mirrors of life.

As humans, when we were little, we were entranced by mythological stories by grandmothers with white hair, slightly drooping chin with a kind face, a worn out saree patting us lovingly with their weathered palms.  The story seeking heart still remains with us when we are adults.  We seek to understand the world around us using patterns and stories.

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