Journey to Glass Plate Times

YPS Meet | Feb 17 | State Youth Centre

We had a very interesting and informative session at YPS this Saturday with Shri. K S Rajaram taking the participants through an enticing journey back in time to the days when pictures were taken using cameras with an 8×6 inch glass plate as film at the back and mounted on wooden tripods. He navigated through timeless Black & White pictures of the American Landscape Photographer Ansel Adams and the Canadian Portrait Photographer Yusuf Karsh. The event was participated by around 25 YPS Members. Continue reading Journey to Glass Plate Times

YPS Meet – Interactions on Art Forms of two great Masters in B+W Photography

YPS Meet | Feb 17 | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Who does not know Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh. They both are masters in B+W photography elevating photography to a high level of Art Form. While the former is a master of landscapes the later was a master in Portraits. Ansel Adams introduced his zone system to master the gray scale while Yusuf Karsh redefined the lighting and posing techniques to bring out the characteristic of each individual.

In this YPS Meet we will have an interactive session of collective learning by discussing the great art works of these two great masters. The session will be facilitated by Shri. K S Rajaram, Director, YPS. Continue reading YPS Meet – Interactions on Art Forms of two great Masters in B+W Photography

Salon Winners

YPS Open House | Feb 10 | State Youth Centre

The YPS Open House on February 10th, the first for 2018 was another great session of learning through discussion and sharing. Around 20 people participated with the objective of reviewing winning images from the YPS 35th All India Salon. Varied topics came up for discussion in the process including:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Composition
  • Balancing subjects
  • Night Photography

2.5 hours went by without anyone noticing it and the session ended at 9:00 PM. We thank all the participants and their views.

Continue reading Salon Winners


YPS Open House | Feb 10 | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

January 2018 was busy with Salon Exhibition and many other programs. Here is our first Open House for 2018.

This Open House will be dedicated to joint review of Award Winning pictures from the YPS 35th All India Salon to learn from those pictures. If there is time left, we can look at member pictures too.

YPS Open House, is a free format discussion program aiming to achieve the following objectives:

  • To build stronger bonding,
  • To clarify doubts that have remained in the corner of the mind for too long,
  • To provide guidance on matters relevant to photography,
  • To learn and to share

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Into the World of Infinity

YPS Meet | Feb 3 | State Youth Centre

One of the tasks that the YPS EC team had taken on themselves is the intention to introduce diverse photographic topics to the YPS members. In line with that objective, right on the heels of Under-water Photography, YPS organized another talk that would take them to the skies. The Astrophotography session by Shri. Keerthi Kiran, a hobby astronomer and the Secretary of Bangalore Astronomical Society, did just that. The Astro program also brought in several stars of YPS into State Youth Centre like Shri. Dev, Shri. Manoj Sindagi and many other seniors. It sent us on a celestial spin and we hope we can organize more programs that would draw the seniors into our activities. Continue reading Into the World of Infinity