Air Show at YPS

YPS Meet | December 15, Sat | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Here’s a photographer who has added a very unique genre to Photography!
At the next YPS Slideshow meet, we invite you aboard, for an exciting journey of  test flights with Mr Debadatta Maharana! 

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Pictures in the Wild

YPS Open House | December 8, Sat | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre


Armed with cameras, brothers Yogish and Harish, travel together to create “Pictures in the wild ”

The next YPS Open House will be a presentation by duo brothers Yogish and Harish.
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A Journey with the “Third Eye”…Where Stories Born

YPS Meet | December 3, Mon | 6:30 PM | State Youth Centre

Shooting images or creating images? Photography is an art where we not just shoot but we create an image!

We photographers pick our cameras to capture what is in front of us, sometimes with little manipulations so as to avoid a straightforward photograph as a means of  “creating “ an image rather than simply recording it! The style of producing images where there is evidence of artistic interpretation of the subject matter by the photographer is Pictorial Photography.

The next YPS Meet is a slideshow by an eminent pictorial photographer Sri. Nagendra Muthmurdu – A Journey With the “Third Eye”…where stories born!

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