YPS International Salon 2020 Exhibition & Award Ceremony

YPS Salon | Award  Ceremony and Exhibition Jan 16 – 7:00 PM IST | YPS Facebook Page & YPS YouTube Channel

You are Cordially Invited

YPS Executive Committee & YPS International Salon 2020 Committee are pleased to extend a cordial invitation to all

  • YPS Members,
  • Salon participants,
  • Salon Supporters &
  • Photo/Art Lovers

to join us during the YPS International Salon 2020 Exhibition & Award Ceremony on Saturday, Jan 16th  on

  1. FaceBook:
    1. Like the YPS Facebook page by clicking here:
    2. Click on https://facebook.com/ypsbengaluru/live/ on 16 Jan 2021 at 7.00pm IST.
  2. YouTube:
    1. Subscribe to YPS YouTube channel by clicking here
    2. Click on https://youtube.com/ypsbengaluru/live/ on 27 Dec 2021 at 7.00pm IST.

Please join us on this live event with friends and family and make the event a great success.

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Acqua Italiana

YPS Meet Live | December 27, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Italy, known for its vibrant culture and spectacular cities, also has a sweeping coastline peppered with colorful villages. The intensely hued coastal towns and lakeside villages are so charming that they have to be seen to be believed. This presentation showcases the colors from three water based places – Venice, Lake Como & Cinque-Terre.   Continue reading Acqua Italiana

Along the Road 2020

YPS Meet Live | December 21, Mon | 5:30 PM | Google Meet

Mr Riccardo Busi is the President of Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) since 2012. He is not only well known as a passionate photographer and avid traveller but also as a person with immense organizational skills.  


He will be sharing with us his photographic travel notes on the countries that he has visited in the recent years.

Let us join him in the journey and see the world through his eyes. Continue reading Along the Road 2020

Evolving as an Artist

YPS Meet Live | December 20, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Astro photography brings forth a picture of the celestials in the night sky. Dr Hitesh Patel, who strives to be different: “Evolving as an artist in the true sense in my photography journey” as described by him, brings to us ‘Astro with a twist’.

Discover the other side of Astro-Photography as captured by Dr Hitesh Patel.

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