Street Stories

YPS Meet Live | July 12, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Our next YPS meet is by Mr Thejas K Rajaram who will turn ‘Story-teller’ for us to ‘see’ street stories unfold from USA.

Thejas loves life on the street. He is often found wandering in unknown streets, talking to strangers and taking street photographs.

Good street photographs fill us with emotions or give us insight.  Good street photographs go beyond light, shapes, and faces.  They use these tools to tell great stories of life.  Sometimes, they ask questions.  Questions that may not have answers.  But questions that open up your perspectives, making the need for an answer moot.  Street photographs are magical mirrors of life.

As humans, when we were little, we were entranced by mythological stories by grandmothers with white hair, slightly drooping chin with a kind face, a worn out saree patting us lovingly with their weathered palms.  The story seeking heart still remains with us when we are adults.  We seek to understand the world around us using patterns and stories.

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Dṛṣṭi Revived

YPS Event Live | July 12, Sun | 4:00 PM | YPS Facebook page

One of the exciting experiences of being a YPS member was that of reading the newsletter ‘ದೃಷ್ಟಿ The Vision’, which used to be a monthly publication and carried the information on happenings of the Society and achievements of members. The newsletter serves as a means of connecting  members of the Society, irrespective of whether one could attend the regular programmes held.

The four-page newsletter printed in single colour, was transformed to an e-version and then to a collection of event updates on the YPS website.

A team of enthusiastic members have put together Dṛṣṭi in the form of a journal with interesting content and all pages in colour.  The YPS journal Dṛṣṭi will be relaunched on Sunday, 12th July 2020.

To join the session:
1) Follow YPS Facebook page by clicking here,  so that you get notified when the live event starts.
2) Click on @ 04:00pm on Sunday, the 12th of July, 2020.

-YPS Executive Committee

Magic Light – The Mystic Landscape

YPS Meet Live | July 05, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Our next YPS meet is by Mr. Sathyaprasad Yachendra who will showcase his passion for photographing the Mighty Himalayas.

He says “I have been doing landscape photography on Himalayas for the last 15 years. I photograph only Himalayas and nothing else. In short my photography starts and ends with Himalayas.”

Let us join him on Sunday, 05 July to witness the magic of light in making the landscape ever dynamic.

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YPS All India Digital Salon 2020 – Open Judging

YPS Salon | Jun 27-28, 9:30 AM | YPS Facebook Live

We are pleased to invite you to the Open Remote Judging Live webcast to be held between June 27, 2020 and June 28, 2020. Please check Salon Website for day-wise schedule. You can watch the scores unfold picture-by-picture just as the jury are carrying out scoring.

Watching Live Judging Webast:

1. Follow YPS Facebook page:

2. Open Facebook Live during the judging:

Please witness open judging from the comfort and safety of your home. Wish you all the best.

-YPS All India Digital Salon Committee & Executive Committee

Portraiture & Role of Lighting

YPS Meet Live | June 21, Sun | 5:30 PM | YPS Facebook page

Every human and especially women aspire to look their best in a photograph.
A good Portrait Photographer not only makes one look good but captures the character and inner beauty!
This is where lighting plays an all important part.
Mr. B K Agrawal started portraiture at the tender age of 12, with his sisters as models!
His favorite tagline is
 “There is no stopping when your Passion becomes your Profession”.
This Sunday, is learning all about using lights to bring out beauty!

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